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This course is designed for parents, teachers, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of race and identity in today's world. You'll gain a deep understanding of the racialization process, and learn how it affects children of different ages and stages.



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Valarie Chavis




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We are born into a world of set patterns, habits, systems, and beliefs. No matter where we are born and to whom we are born, the simple act of a child being born begins the process of racialization, ethnocentrism, and socialization. We are born whole and human. We are born equal in all the ways that matter. However, we are quickly and unwittingly socialized into a racialized hierarchy based on where we are born, the history, traditions, rules, laws, customs, and expectations of the dominant culture. We are not just born with different levels of melanin. What do babies see? What do four-year-olds say? Do they really want to match or is something else going on? Does the school affirm your child's racial identity or devalue it? What happens at 10 that's not easily reversed?  

This will be two hours focused on racial, cultural, and ethnic identity development.

1. Socialization Cycle
2. Where Ideas of Race Come From
3. What Kids Are Thinking at Each Age
4. How Ideas of Race Affect Black Children
5. Your Role in Racial Identity Development
6. School, Media, Community Impact
7. 30 Conversation Starters
8. Resources

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Valarie Chavis

 Valarie is a nationally recognized diversity, and cultural fluency thought leader with a background in education and a focus on improving outcomes for children of color. She founded Culturally Fluent Families in 2014, growing to a 20,000-member international group of parents representing various cultures and family structures. Valarie is known for her unique ability to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and help them find common ground to solve problems faster and make better decisions more often. Valarie uses her six-stage Model of Cultural Fluency to deliver dynamic keynotes, customized training, and powerful coaching to help teams work through cultural barriers. Her work has been featured in publications like Huffington Post and Today Magazine, and she has taught at several universities. Schools and major brands in the US and abroad have used her cultural fluency work and learning models to shift their thinking and change the outcomes of their organizations.
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