Managing the Dynamics of Difference

Cultural fluency begins with changing the way we think about who we are. It's acting to remove the fears and biases that create barriers, and then engaging across cultures in ways that create sustainable relationships.  

We design and deliver cultural fluency training that breaks down barriers of race and cultural differences. We facilitate conversations that lead to stronger and more positive connections through intercultural understanding. We give people the tools and confidence to build more authentic cross-cultural collaborative relationships.
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Culturally Fluent Learning

The Model of Cultural Fluency is a six-stage learning model that provides a broad framework for increased understanding. People learn how culture influences bias and perceptions aross racial and cultural boundaries; how we interact and communicate with others; and how we work together to find solutions.
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Learn cultural fluency

Learn how the process and skills of cultural fluency help you increase and sustain cross-cultural relatioships. 
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Learn at your own pace

Make your learning more effective with live vitural courses or self-paced e-learning courses that are available 24/7.
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Learn together

Participate in live in-house training that can be done on your site or ours, as individuals or cohort groups.  

Why work with us?

The faster people learn, the faster people make the changes that move us all ahead.  We use a problem-based, results-focused learning model that influences the way that learners perceive situations across racial, cultural, and ethnic boundaries.  It addresses how people interact and communicate differeces with others.   Once learned the skills and tools can be used and applied across multiple context.  

Quality Learning Solutions

We provide the most relevant and up-to-date content to help learners grow in signifcant and demonstrable ways.

Flexible Options

Our platform provides a range of learning options, from one-on-one coaching to in-person meet-ups and online virtual classes.

Results Focused

We work with our clients to understand their unique challenges and design a learning solution that meets their unique needs.
“We will build a community together for insights and support.”

John Davis

Strategy & Growth
National Practice Lead - Business Consulting Services

What we offer

Our services are designed to help learners achieve their goals through nuanced and thoughtful exploration of both the ways that unconscious bias undermines the best of intentions and the easy, straightforward ways that we can overcome it.
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Online Learning

Our online training allows you to access to live facilitator-led workshops, and resources designed to translate learning to action in a single platform. Using videos, exercises, guided self reflections, and sustained learning tools, Our approach to cultural fluency provides you with knowledge, skills, and strategies for embedding new effective cross-cultral practices into your daily lives.

Coaching Consulting

Our comprehensive suite of consulting services, interactive workshops, and products are designed to drive systemic and individual level change. We give you the tools and know-how to start important conversations, build better relationships, and delivery greater results.  With new found confidence you can create the change that you want to see in your life and for those around you.   

Tools and Resources

We believe in both organizational and individual change. We design solutions that help you integrate cultural fluenty into your actional planning and   and processes.  Resources like micro-learning units, discussion guides, checklists, and strategy tips designed to sustain learning offline

Our Courses

Getting an understanding of how early racial socialization both begins and solidifies was really eye-opening. I think I’ll be processing the info from the class for a long time.

 I had a wonderful experience in the Atlanta class. We really enjoyed Valarie's style of teaching through story telling - it made the time fly by. We are still digesting all that we learned and are looking forward to applying it. We are very grateful for helping us realize what is blocking us from doing better and for the opportunity to meet other local families. We highly recommend the class to everyone!

Parenting Through Race, Culture, and Adoption
I really appreciate the workbook. It is detailed and full of information, questions to help guide and shape my own thinking, and calls to action. It was great to be able to listen to other people's questions and processing out loud, because sometimes someone asked a question that I didn't know I had, and Ms. Valarie always answers in a way that both gives the information and stretches me to think of something else. 

Ages and Stages of Racial Identity Development
Kerri-ann c.
For me as a public educator, it was very eye opening about the perpetual cycle that the public education system keeps reinforcing. I have to take accountability for my role in that and actively be working to break the cycle.

Ages and Stages of Racial Identity Development

Two teachings that stand out among many are: 1. The idea of building the brick house for my son, rather than the straw one he currently resides in, and 2. Holding the truth that we all need a sense of belonging, and so many other things then come from this.

Childre Who Live in Brick Houses: The Importance of Belonging

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