Talking to Family and Friends About Race, Privilege, Racism and Raising Black Kids

"Talking to Family and Friends About Race, Privilege, Racism and Raising Black Kids" course is specifically designed for transracial adoptive parents. This course aims to navigate the sensitive and often challenging conversations about race, privilege, racism, and the importance of raising Black children with a strong sense of identity within a supportive extended family environment. Recognizing the pushback that can come from well-meaning but misinformed family members and friends, this course provides the tools and strategies necessary for parents to educate their circles in a way that fosters understanding, acceptance, and allyship.

Key Learning Objectives:

Equip Parents with Conversation Tools: Teach parents how to effectively answer common questions and concerns from family and friends about their focus on racial identity and cultural immersion.

Challenge Colorblind Ideologies: Offer strategies for addressing the limitations of a colorblind approach and the importance of recognizing and celebrating racial differences.

Promote Cultural Immersion: Provide parents with methods to advocate for the necessity of their child's immersion in their own culture, and how to involve family members in this process.

Address Misconceptions: Tackle common misconceptions and fears about raising a child with a strong Black identity within a predominantly white family or community.

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July 21, 2024




4:00pm-6:30pm EST

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